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Tshepo Selokela is the founder and director of Effectual ICT Solutions who has vast experience in Systems Development, IT, Telecommunications and as well as in the administration fields.


While much of his experience has been in the ICT development environment, he has truly defined the core values of the telecoms, systems development and analytical sectors in the IT field.


He is now a regular panellist/speaker at the Africa Com conferences which is Africa's biggest ICT conference where he gives expert opinions and relevant suggestions that effect Africans generally. The conference provides an important platform for all experts from the telecommunications, IT & media industries in Africa to showcase their developments and products.


 The Effectual ICT Solutions Team has IT, Software Development and Engineering abilities that have aided our clients to consider us being a key asset to their key deliverables.  We derive methods to substantially reduce SLA’s and to deliver the most efficient solutions on a consumer's and business level. We can deliver reports for the company that include device issues, system issues, network issues and general consumer issues. The reports we generate is metadata that can be issued or presented to Managers, Senior Managers and Executive Managers for recommendation purposes within the specific departments.


Effectual also offers a Social Media/Online & digital marketing consulting services.


What we offer:

1. Develop a custom strategy for your organization.

2. Get active in engaging your target group and your prospects on their turf.

3. Continue to optimize your activities to strengthen the positive results for your business


Our team will accomplish these objectives by applying strategies and tools, along with their know-how, for the benefit of your business.


Our objectives are:

• Giving your business a competitive advantage over the competition.

• We will utilise the main aspects of online marketing to work powerfully with one another. This being, web sites, search engines, video, SEO, and mobile marketing.

• We will plan, execute and manage the social media marketing and mobile promotion, as well as other programs involved on your behalf. 


A session with one of our experienced social media consultants can work wonders for companies or third sector organisations, who have taken their first steps with social media but would like some experienced guidance to optimise their work, help develop a more advanced strategy, or run a specific campaign.


With the experience of using various system functions and tools, we are also involved in the advisory position on the system development process of implementing better and more efficient system tools. Experience has taught us how to build strong relationships with all our clients and departments within an organization. We have the ability to work within a team as well as cross-team.


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